Campground Etiquette

When we were kids, our Dad taught us how to camp, how to set up a tent, build a fire, and most of all how to respect others and not to disturb anyone in the campground. At dusk you would stay to your camp site and sit around the fire and talk very quietly. It was a place to relax and savor in your memories.

We are sitting in a campground in one of the most beautiful places. Quiet, serene and most of all relaxing. As we sit outside enjoying the beautiful clear blue sky, the trees slightly swaying in the breeze, a deer wondering through our campsite. I can feel the troubles of the world slipping away.

And then it happened! The campers from hell showed up. The loud kids, the even louder Adults! The noise level went from peaceful to tension! The guitar playing with the off key singer. Upset I move into the trailer to avoid the already formed tension!

The next day we are sitting outside eating breakfast and all of a sudden an adult starts screaming to his kids who are climbing on the mountain side. I just couldn’t take it and yelled stop yelling. Next thing I know the guy walks down the trail next to our campground brushing his teeth staring at me. Creepy adults that were never taught campground etiquette! Thank goodness they left that day!

Now a days I don’t know where the common curiously disappeared to but it seems that no one ever taught them how to respect others or to respect the area they are in. Trash left everywhere, noise levels so loud that it disturbs everyone. There really are only two rules to campground etiquette or etiquette by in it self and they are:

~ Respect the land
~ Respect others

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  1. So true! Most people act like they are in their living room and we have to take their crap as a matter of fact. Actually had the nerve to come stare you down! Unbelieveable. Dad did teach us correctly!!!!

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