Accessories Challenge – Bracelets

Second part of the challenge was the accessory of bracelets.  This bracelets were made out of popsicle sticks. We soaked them in boiling hot water and then forming them into a bracelet shape. After they dried I set forward to figure out how to decorate them.

Here is the challenge:


These designers will be showing you how to use your favorite paper crafting supplies to create your very own wearable accessories.  Not only can you customize these to suit your personal style and taste, they also make wonderful inexpensive gifts!

Here is how I decided to decorate them:

imageI decided to paint one, tried to paint it off white, however after at least 5 coats figured it wasn’t going to cover.  I found some turquoise paint and painted the bracelet.  I used PaperTreyInk Southwestern Style Stamp set to decorate it with black ink.  The other bracelet I covered with paper and then edged the edge with gold Perfect Pearls.

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